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Dhal Choi



Ms. Dhal Choi became a panel member of Accountancy Education in August 2019, nominated by the Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants (KICPA).

Ms. Choi is a member of KICPA and a Partner of PwC Korea. She has worked as auditor for 20 years and also is an L&E leader of PwC Korea. Ms. Choi is a past board member of KICPA education board and is serving as a KICPA's diversity committee board member.

Ms. Choi won the Minister of Strategy and Finance award for her contribution to the accounting industry in 2021.

Ms. Choi obtained a bachelor's degree in business administration from Korea University and is a member of KICPA and an inactive member of the California board of accountancy which she earned during her two years tour of PwC San Jose office.