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Giorgia Butturi

Giorgia Butturi



Dr. Giorgia Butturi became member in January 2024 nominated by the Italian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CNDCEC). 

Dr. Butturi is Certified Public Accountant and registered auditor, auditor of several limited companies, including banks and regulated financial services companies. She is member of NedCommunity (Independent Board Members' Association) and Marisa Bellisario Foundation (Women Entrepreneurial's and Practitioners' Union). 

Dr. Butturi is past member of the SMEs/SMPs Committee of Accountancy Europe (once called FEE - Fédération des Experts Comptables Européen) in Bruxelles, Belgium, on behalf of CNDCEC, member of the SMEs/SMPs Committee of EFAA (European Foundation of Accountants and Auditors), in Bruxelles, Belgium, on behalf of CNDCEC and member of the Audit Affairs Committee of Unione Nazionale Giovani Dottori Commercialisti (Italian Young Accountants' Union), in Rome. 

Dr. Butturi is past President of the Board of Directors of a Bank Foundation (a foundation regulated by law which originally held shares in Banks, now independent).