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Anna Karmanska

Job Title

Professor in Economic Sciences, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Anna Karmanska is a professor in economic sciences. She conducts scientific and didactic work in the area of accounting at SGH Warsaw School of Economics. Karmanska was the Head of the SGH Senate Program Commission, and is currently serving as Director of the Institute of Accounting at SGH. She received a Ministerial Award and a Medal of the Commission of National Education for her academic work, served as advisor to the Head of the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Body, as member of the Polish Accounting Standards Committee and as independent member of the Audit Commission to the Minister of Justice. Since 2006, She has been the Chair of the Ethics Commission to the Main Board of the Accountants Association in Poland and a Vice Chair of its Scientific Council. Ms. Karmanska was a Board Member of EFAA 2012 to 2015.