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Monica Roxana Stefan



With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial audit industry, Monica Stefan became a member in the IFAC Small and Medium Practices Advisory Group in January 2021 at the recommendation of the Romanian Chamber of Financial Auditors.

Ms. Stefan's audit career started in a Romanian Big 4 representative and continued after three years in developing and growing the audit component in the local Group SOTER & Partners. Currently, the Group is a local significant financial advisory company, with more than 26 years in the local market. Monica has been an authorized auditor with the Romanian Chamber of Auditors since January 2005 and an ACCA member since July 2004.

Since 2010 Monica has been actively involved with the Romanian Chamber of Auditors, in working groups, task forces, and article writing, and in events organized by the Chamber. Throughout 2013-2014 she participated in the ACCA Forum for SMEs and developed an interest in raising a “voice” for this market sector.

Effective Sept 2017 – Oct 2020 she was elected Council Member with the Romanian Change of Auditors and set her efforts into raising awareness on the importance of change in the national audit approach, the communication between institutions involved in the audit oversight and training programs for members. She is currently one of the representatives of the Romanian Chamber of Auditors with Accountancy Europe, in the AAPG and PEC Groups since 2017.