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Eli R. Khazzam, Bhumi Jariwala  | 

The American Institute of CPAs Women’s Global Leadership Summit 2016 shed light on some of the most important trends for women accountants today. Among these were leadership development, innovation, entrepreneurship, diversity, and personal-professional life balance. 

Eli R. Khazzam

Eli R. Khazzam is a senior professional focused on economic development & emerging technologies. Previously, Mr. Khazzam was the Editor-in-Chief of the IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway and had various roles working as a governance manager and senior technical manager of public policy and regulation at IFAC. Prior to joining IFAC, he was an executive director at Liquid Metrics, LLC., a research and consulting firm specializing in community-based economic development and public policy issues.

Bhumi Jariwala

Bhumi Jariwala was previously the editor of the IFAC Knowledge Gateway. Ms. Jariwala has experience in communications, market research, and information technology.