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The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting current environment accelerated the need for PAOs use digital technologies to create new, or modify existing, business processes, including member and student experiences. But having adequate technology is only one part of the story.

Digital transformation is the long-term objective and endeavor for PAOs. It requires organizational leadership support and buy-in, building workforce capabilitiesempowering people to work in new ways, and increasing effective communication throughout the transformation.

Digital Transformation Is Essential

Digital transformation is crucial to the sustainability and resilience of professional accountancy organizations in order to meet changing business and market demands.

This evolution requires a mindset change for organizations, employees, and members, as well as an organizational culture change, before deciding what digital tools to use and how to use them. This process requires the organization to envision its future and use that future to drive technology, not the other way around.

This transformation requires continuous improvement. You are not alone in this journey. IFAC supports your sustainability and resiliency.

Starting—Or Continuing—Your Digital Journey

Given the importance of digital transformation to PAOs’ long-term sustainability and resilience, IFAC has partnered with cloudThing to create a PAO Digital Readiness Assessment Tool and this Resource Series. We are uniquely positioned to collaborate and offer our member organizations impartial scoring, resources, and expertise, allowing you to make the most out of technology on an ongoing basis.

This tool is not only an instrument to help to you develop your strategy and plan. It is also an educational resource to help PAOs continue their journeys.

Share Your Journey

This globally relevant topic provides an opportunity to facilitate dialogue and enhance knowledge-sharing. IFAC wants to hear from and share your PAO’s experience around digital transformation. Please email your story and links to other resources with the email subject line “PAO Digital Transformation Dialogue.”