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For the accountancy profession, 2018 was a future-focused year. The need to embrace rapidly emerging technologies, attract and retain top talent, enhance audit quality, leadership in ethics and demonstrating how the accountancy profession is playing a wider role in society were among the key themes we saw in our bi-weekly newsletter, The Latest.

The profession is redefining itself in many different ways, which was reflected in the views of the expert contributors and thought leaders, who illustrated the message that future opportunities should not only be welcomed but embraced. In this article, we take a look back at a few of the articles and videos highlighted on the Gateway in 2018.

What’s Ahead in 2019?

Although the future may seem uncertain, it also presents an abundance of opportunities. Limitless possibilities will be laid out before us to drive our industry forward and as the old adage goes, change is the only constant—so the sooner we start to embrace it, the better off we will be. A more agile profession will anticipate and respond to emerging trends that can change rapidly and continually impact the operating environment. Exciting times are ahead!

The IFAC Global Knowledge Gateway provides a global forum to share, synthesize, and create knowledge to support professional accountancy organizations and all accountants in their activities around the globe.

On behalf of IFAC, thank you for helping us build the Gateway community in 2018. We invite you to share your views with us in 2019.


Bhumi Jariwala

Bhumi Jariwala was previously the editor of the IFAC Knowledge Gateway. Ms. Jariwala has experience in communications, market research, and information technology.