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On this page you will find resources and latest thinking from the global accountancy profession and beyond on rethinking value creation.

For the better half of the last millennia, accounting has been the language of business, governments, trade and capital markets. But corporate success and value creation needs rethinking. Value is created through knowledge and creativity. Digital disruption is threatening entire industries. Financial markets are fraught with geopolitical and economic volatility. The deepening climate emergency, and other environmental issues, such as water and land use, mean that business as usual is not an option.

Accounting for and reporting on value creation is an evolving area of importance to future-ready professional accountants. Many prevailing ideas on how to measure value creation and impact are emerging and not yet subject to global standards. Yet, the enhanced role that the CFO and finance function can play in accounting for value creation will result in a stronger and more effective finance and accounting profession that sits at the heart of organizations.

Both integrated thinking and reporting, as well as impact measurement and management, are becoming more mainstream. This area is of particular importance for understanding, measuring and providing confidence on business performance, and involves accountants working closely with others from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives.