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Abigail Zhang

Job Title

PhD Candidate, Accounting Information Systems, Rutgers Business School

Abigail Zhang is a PhD candidate in the Accounting Information System department at Rutgers Business School. Her research addresses the impacts of emerging technologies, especially Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), on auditing. She has been working with several medium sized public accounting firms to build prototypes of implementing RPA in some of their audit procedures. In her working paper “Intelligent Process Automation in Audit”, which has been presented in the Strategic and Emerging Technologies (SET) workshop in the 2018 American Accounting Association (AAA) annual meeting, three frameworks are constructed to guide the implementation of IPA in the future of audit. She recently authored and instructed the AICPA course module Organizational Implications of RPA. Currently she is also a part time lecturer at Rutgers Business School.