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Job Title

Managing Director, Risk Oversight Solutions Inc.

Tim J. Leech FCPA FCA CIA CCSA CRMA is Managing Director at Risk Oversight Solutions Inc., which focuses on helping companies implement objective-centric enterprise risk management (ERM) and internal audit to meet escalating board risk oversight expectations and add real value. He has over 30 years of global experience in the board risk oversight, ERM, internal audit, and forensic accounting fields, including expert witness testimony in civil and criminal proceedings. He has provided training for hundreds of thousands of public and private sector board members, senior executives, professional accountants, auditors and risk management specialists in Canada, the US, the EU, Australia, South America, Africa, and the Middle and Far East. He has received worldwide recognition as a pioneer, thought leader, and trainer. His article “Reinventing Internal Audit” featured in the April 2015 issue of Internal Audit received the 2016 Outstanding Contributor award from the Institute of Internal Auditors. He is a regular contributor to Ethical Boardroom and Conference Board Director Notes, including his newest ground breaking article, “Focusing ERM and Internal Audit on What Really Matters: Long Term Value Creation and Preservation”. He can be contacted at