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Ahmed Abdul Rahman wearing a suit and standing in front of a sign at a conference smiling at the camera

Ahmed Abdul Rahman

Job Title

General Manager

Ahmed Abdul Rahman, the General Manager of the Oman Association of Chartered Public Accountants (OACPA) since April 2021. He plays a crucial role in overseeing the Association operations and ensuring compliance with  standards and regulations.

His responsibilities  include coordinating professional development programs, and fostering collaboration among members of the association, being one of the team  for the enactment  national occupational standers of accountancy & Auditing in Oman,  Ahmed focused on quality education, well-defined regulations. He played a significant role in OACPA to try to get IFAC membership.  He played a significant role sign Strategic Partnership  with ACCA.

In addition, he has experience of more than 5 years of working with international Financial Services in Oman As technical analyst for stock market