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Ardiana Bunjaku

Ardiana Bunjaku



Ardiana Bunjaku became member of IFAC’s PAO Development & Advisory Group in January 2024, having previously served as a member of the Advisory Group for two terms (2011-2016) as well as a technical advisor (2017-2019). She also served on IFAC’s Compliance Advisory Panel from 2019 to 2020.

Ms. Bunjaku is executive Director of the Society of Certified Accountants and Auditors of Kosovo (SCAAK) as well as a board member and audit committee member of NLB Bank.

Ms. Bunjaku has led SCAAK since it was established in 2001, including introducing Kosovo to the concept of an accountancy profession and professional education. Since 2001, she has establish SCAAK as a center of excellence by expanding its service portfolio with diverse certifications for private, public accounting profession, general audit office, insolvency practitioners, and internal auditors.

Ms. Bunjaku is actively engaged in various national and international committees and organizations, including the Kosovo Development Strategy Committee, the Kosovo National Qualification Framework working group, and the Advisory Committee to the Tax Administration Authority.

Ms. Bunjaku played key roles in higher education reform at the University of Prishtina and served as a chair of the Universities Council. Additionally, she served on the quality assurance committee in the Kosovo Board for Standards and Financial Reporting and held positions on the board of the American University in Kosovo, American Chamber of Commerce. She is also a founder of the Kosovo Women's Chamber of Commerce - G7.

Ms. Bunjaku holds a doctoral degree in Economics and Management, an Insolvency Practitioner's Certificate, is a member of INSOL International, and is licensed as a First-grade Appraiser in Kosovo.