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Aruhvi Krishnasammy

Aruhvi Krishnasammy

Job Title

World Bank Consultant, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation

Aruhvi Krishnasammy is a Consultant at the World Bank Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Finance Hub in Malaysia for the Finance, Competitiveness, and Innovation Global Practice, working closely with sustainability, inclusivity, and Islamic Finance agendas. Before joining the World Bank, she worked at the Securities Commission Malaysia, specializing in market surveillance and monitoring of emerging risks in the local capital market and guiding and regulating alternative financing entities. In addition, she has experience working in RBC – Investor and Treasury Services and OCBC Bank Malaysia. Aruhvi holds a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Aruhvi is also a Pusat PERMATApintar and University of Tsukuba TAG-AIMS 2018 alumni.