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Accountancy Age | September 23, 2020

Universities are adapting, so must accountancy education

For nearly four centuries, higher education has pushed students to define their role in society.  In a society upended by pandemic, however, the script has been flipped. As many students defer, transfer or simply opt out, it’s the value of education that must be defined for a new era

International Accounting Bulletin | September 1, 2020

Communicating Value Creation When Planning for a Post-COVID World

Covid-19 threatens organisations’ ability to generate value. Many businesses are thinking about their purpose, business model, and how to serve stakeholders beyond shareholders alone, comments Stathis Gould, director of advocacy at the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)

International Accounting Bulletin | August 1, 2020

Integrated reporting: Why, and how, we must embrace it

Stathis Gould, director of advocacy at the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), explains why integrated Federation of Accountants (IFAC), explains why integrated reporting must serve as the foundational framework for global accounting rules that standardise and track ESG disclosures.

Accounting Today | May 14, 2020
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Voices In Crisis, Small Businesses Need Small Accounting Firms

[SMEs] need the support of accountants whom they know and trust. Small and midsized accounting practices should be their preferred partners. Why? Because the unfortunate reality is that many SMPs know firsthand what SMEs are going through. 

CFO Dive | April 22, 2020

How CFOs Can Lead Through the Coronavirus Crisis — and Beyond

For CFOs and senior finance leaders, there is an opportunity to deliver more than disaster-response by safeguarding the organization and its people, honing new ways of working, and identifying new opportunities to deliver value and positive societal impact.