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Nominating Committee

The IFAC Nominating Committee is responsible for selecting volunteer members to serve on the independent standard-setting boards, the IFAC Board and committees. These volunteers are central to the effective functioning of these boards and IFAC.

The Nominating Committee selects the most suitable person for an available position based on candidates’ professional background and board/committee’s needs. It also seeks to achieve broad regional, professional, and gender balance.

The IFAC Nominating Committee makes recommendations to the IFAC Board, relevant public interest oversight authority, and IFAC Council, as appropriate, for approval of the composition of the independent standard-setting boards and IFAC Board and committees.

  • About the Nominating Committee

    The Nominating Committee is comprised of the chair, deputy chair and no less than four additional members from different regions of the world.

    The Nominating Committee follows a robust process to select the most suitable candidates for available positions on the independent standard-setting boards, the IFAC Board and committees. In doing so, it endeavors to balance the nominee’s abilities and professional qualifications with the various needs of each board and committee. The Nominating Committee also makes it a priority to ensure a broad diversity in terms of gender, geographic representation, professional background, and representation from countries with different levels of economic development.

    Each year, the Nominating Committee issues Calls for Nominations to invite applications from various stakeholders for available positions on the independent standard-setting boards, IFAC Board and committees.

  • Committee Members

    Asmâa Resmouki, President, IFAC

    Ordre Des Experts Comptables – Morocco

    Jean Bouquot, Deputy President, IFAC


    Cesar Cheng


    Merran Kelsall


    Khalid Rahman


    Wienand Schruff


    Joy Thomas


  • Call for Nominations

    Each year, the Nominating Committee issues Calls for Nominations to announce positions on the independent standard-setting boards, IFAC Board, and committees.

    Vacancies on the standard-setting boards are open for nominations by all stakeholders, including professional accountancy and international organizations, governmental agencies, firms, and the public. Travel support is available to qualified candidates from countries with emerging economies, self-nominees, and public members.

    Vacancies on the IFAC Board and committees are open for nominations by IFAC member organizations.


    Call for Nominations for IFAC Groups in 2024

  • Expectations for Volunteers


    IFAC and the standard-setting boards value the contributions of our volunteers, who devote their talent and time to advance the global accountancy profession. Volunteers actively participate in meetings, task forces, and other working groups and projects.

    Appointment as a board or committee volunteer is a significant responsibility and requires:

    • Acting in the public interest and with integrity;
    • Acting as an ambassador for IFAC or a standard-setting board in your own country and region; and
    • Preparing for, attending, and actively participating in the work of a particular board or committee.

    Time Commitment

    Volunteers are appointed for a term of up to three years and are expected to complete their terms. Generally, volunteers who perform well are re-appointed for a second term of service of up to three more years.

    Time commitment for each board or committee is different, please see the Call for Nominations for additional details.

    Volunteers are expected to attend all in-person meetings, webinars and conference calls, and serve on a task forces, subcommittees, or working groups. Volunteers may also need to spend additional time consulting with their national organizations and authorities to seek input, deliver presentations, or conduct related outreach.

    Performance Expectations

    All volunteers participate in the annual Volunteer Performance Program. This program offers constructive dialogue between chairs and members about expectations and members’ involvement and contributions. It also provides valuable information to the Nominating Committee regarding potential re-appointments, succession planning, and any performance issues.


    Volunteer Manual Guidelines, Instructions and other relevant information

  • Submit a Nomination

    Make a Nomination

    • Click the button below, then log in or register.
    • Once you are logged in, click on “Make a New Nomination” and complete the form.
      • Please note that a nomination form may not be submitted unless all questions are fully answered.
    • Once a nomination form is fully completed, please review and submit by clicking “Submit” on the Review page.
    • Once submitted, the nomination form is final and cannot be edited.

    Edit and Manage Nominations

    • Login to the Nominations Database to access all nominations submitted by your web account.
    • Copy and edit any nomination(s) before submitting to the Nominating Committee.
    • You may also delete any nominations or drafts that are no longer needed.

    Submit a Nomination Now


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