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Dr. AbdulMalek Hajar

Dr. AbdulMalek Hajar received his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Sana’a University in Yemen, his Master’s degree in Accounting from the Catholic University of America, and his PhD from Alexandria University in Egypt. He is a Certified Public Accountant in Yemen and currently serves as an associate professor at Sana’a University as well as being a partner in Deloitte Touche (M.E).

Dr. Abdulmalek is a former Chairman of the Yemeni Association of Certified Public Accountants (2018-2021),  former Chairman of the General Authority for Social Security & Pensions (GASSP) in the Republic of Yemen,  former Chairman of the Accounting Department at Sana’a University and Chairman of Board of Trustees in Yemenia University. Dr. AbdulMalek was also a Board Member of Yemen Liquefied Natural Gas (YLNG) Company in Yemen, the Arab Yemen Libyan Holding Company, the Berue of the International Social Security Association – ISSA (Geneva), the Special Olympics in Yemen, the Civil Service Fund and the early retirement Fund – The Ministry of Civil Service in Yemen.