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Majid Al-Qawsi

Majid Al-Qawsi is the former General Secretary of the Yemeni Association of Certified Public Accountants (2018-2021), and current Chairman of the Tax Appeal Committee (2017- present). He is a Financial Sustainability expert; writer and researcher in the economic and financial impacts of climate change and Blockchain adoption who helps finance professionals and Fin-tech startups build an audience. Majid Al-Qawsi spent eighteen years as a financial professional auditor & tax advisor for financial companies in Yemen and Middle East. After a successful career helping small and medium entities, Majid now helps them to work according to the highest standards of financial and economic sustainability standards. Majid is available to cooperate through a distinguished team to provide the best solutions and proposals for major problems and obstacles related to financial sustainability, limiting the economic and financial impacts of climate change, and the best possible solutions for the finance application of blockchain technology for small and medium-sized companies.