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Working in partnership with our member organizations and other stakeholders, the accountancy profession continues to enhance its impact on the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). IFAC’s strategy and priorities directly contributes to several SDGs, with reference to illustrative actions from our IMPACT approach

The Islamic finance industry is well-positioned to support the goals of the SDGs since it promotes socially responsible development and links economic growth and social welfare. In the face of significant financing needs for the SDGs, Islamic finance has untapped potential as a substantial and non-traditional source of financing for sustainable development.  

IFAC engages with professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) to identify opportunities to explore links between Islamic Finance and the SDGs to help mobilize financial resources towards underfunded humanitarian and development needs. In 2021, IFAC launched an Islamic Finance thought leadership program expanding its role and voice in our global network.  

Through this program, IFAC:

  • Promotes inclusive global partnerships and participation in high level decision-making processes to help ensure that the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development are upheld for all;
  • Engages with global policymakers, donors and Islamic Finance institutions to ensure that the profession’s expertise and perspective is part of the global policymaking process; 
  • Engages with global regulators to ensure a constructive relationship and alignment on key policy issues affecting the accountancy profession; and 
  • Engages with regional Network Partners to lend a global perspective to issues in support of the public interest, and our members.  

Explore the resources on this page to learn more about Islamic Finance. 

“Islamic Finance encourages investors to create positive non-financial value alongside financial returns to support a socially conscious, environmentally friendly system. It also shares a broader understanding of the relationship between business and society, centered on advancing society's wellbeing.  Islamic finance instruments will be vital to better protect the planet while ensuring shared economic prosperity.” - United Nations Development Programme (UNCTAD).